Time: Open Call.

For: Personal writing/prose/an essay that addresses time in some way. Collaborative texts and photo essays are also welcome. Please scroll down for a list of random ideas.*

For: A future issue of Time. V.
Open to: Strangers. Anyone, anywhere.
Length: 250-1000 words and a title. Photographs may be included in the text.
For photo essays, 1-8 images and a title, no instagrams.
Language: English, titles may be in any language
How to Submit:
E-mail verdaade at hotmail.com, Subject: Time Submission with
  • the text, in body or as a MS Word attachment
  • OR photos, @ 29.7cm on their longest side & 300dpi, merged as a PDF
  • your name(s) & website and
  • a color that brings time to mind.
Deadline: October 20, 2013.
Those selected will be notified in early November. If your submission is used, you will be fully credited in print and on the website. You will receive a copy of the issue.

Feel free to contact me with questions.
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Open Call ideas in no particular order.

Writing or photos:
- on the concept of time
- on time spent
- on time wasted
- about a time you regret
- at the same time every day
- on borrowed time
- in the future
- on the future of something
- as a former version of yourself
- correspondence someone sent you (that exists in its own time, that has a time stamp)
- on what you want to do with your time
- on Time & _________
- on a good use of one’s time
- on the value of time
- on why sleep is a waste of time
- about your wristwatch or the tick of a clock that keeps you awake at night / the sound of time
- on what nostalgia’s got to do with it
- about an adage/aphorism/motto/saying on time
- on things you do to save time
- on what takes time
- on waiting
- that conflates your past, present, and future
- on what time has explained
- about a time when time wasted you
- on procrastination
- on promptness
- on timely (personal) politics
- on timeless (personal) politics
- on dated (personal) politics
- in a chat window with a buddy about time
- about timing and/or bad timing
- about getting stuck in time
- about having read Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams and not wanting to accept that “Each person who gets stuck in time gets stuck alone.”
- about someone whose correspondence prompts a delayed response or none at all
- about something or someone that changed your understanding of time
- about art or an artist that deals in time
- about art or an artist that claims to deal in time but fails to
- about an artwork that keeps time
- on photography and time
- on displaced time
- on trivial time
- about the books you spend your time reading
- your fear or lack of fear of time
- on what time has changed
- about someone who did/didn’t value your time
- about how long it took you to get over someone
- on time and distance
- about the first thing that comes to your head when you think about time
- to Time (Dear Time,)
- on making time

and whatever else you come up with! You tell me! Surprise me!

I am not interested in overly sappy/needy emotional or sentimental tales, sci-fi time warp travelogues, lists of what you did for x amount of time, lists in general, and words lacking some amount of resolve. If your writing employs rant format, please find a way to make the judgments and criticism valuable for others.