: Open Call.

For: Personal essays, prose and photographs addressing change. Collaborative texts are welcome.* Please scroll down for a list of random ideas.

For: Time VIII. 
Open to: Anyone, anywhere. Strangers.
Length: 250-1000 words and a title. Photographs may be included in the text.
For photo essays, 1-8 images and a title, no instagrams.
Language: English, titles may be in any language
How to Submit:
E-mail verdaade @hotmail.com, Subject: Time Submission with
- the text, in body or as a MS Word attachment; if handwritten, formatted to 3x9” / 7.5x22.5cm, scanned & sent as 300dpi jpgs
- and/or photos, 12”/ 30cm on their longest side @ 300dpi
- your name(s) & website and
- a color that signifies change

Deadline: June 25, 2014.
Anticipated publication: July.

Those selected will be notified in June. If your submission is used, you will be fully credited in print and on the website. You will receive a copy of the issue. Share it!

Open Call: Change
ideas in no particular order.
Writing or photographs addressing:

- a book or zine that changed your mind about a person or something (reviews welcome!)
- a chunk of change
- attitudes
- Auden’s “We would rather be ruined than changed”
- Bacon’s “The contemplation of things as they are / Without error or confusion / Without” substitution “or imposture / Is in itself a nobler thing / Than a whole harvest of invention.” tacked onto Lange’s darkroom door.
- chance &/versus choice
- change comes easy
- change course
- change for the better/worse
- change hands
- change in form
- change in meaning
- change in scale
- change in seasons
- change in tone/tune
- change is impossible
- change of clothes
- change of focus
- change of heart
- change of plans/pace
- change of scenery
- change places
- change the channel
- change the subject
- change the world
- change ways
- change with the times
- change your mind
- character
- chop & change
- comfort
- community
- consequences
- control
- customs
- deferred substitutes
- desperate remedies
- difference
- exchange
- for a change
- Frost’s “They would not find me changed from him they knew — Only more sure of all I thought was true.”
- Holzer’s “Use what is dominant in a culture to change it quickly.”
- how much you hate the word flux
- I promise, I’ll change
- life as a penny
- loose/small change
- mannerisms
- money changes everything
- moving – moving on
- plus ça change
- reality
- resolutions
- responsibility
- routines
- sea change/sea-change & “ding-dong”/see change
- self-preservation
- short changed (as necessarily passive)
- social change
- someone who could not change
- spare/sparing change
- the times they are a changin’
- the truth – your truth - principles
- waiting
- what changed when you switched from film to digital
- what changes (if anything) when it’s in black-and-white and not color (and/or vice-versa)
- you’ve changed
- _’s “…”

*Essays & prose prioritized. Other image-based (drawings, graphics) works accepted on a very selective basis.
I am not interested in (editing) overly sappy emotional or sentimental tales or images, texts about your personal “god” or religion changing your life, lists in general, and words lacking some amount of resolve. If your writing employs rant format, please find a way to make the judgments and criticism valuable for others.