Time VI is the second comp in the series and the first for 2014. Featuring words and images on Lovers by:

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These complements, the line between them, their difference and separation. - Chelsea Limbird

Time VI: Lovers out very soon!


Time III
is a  split between Emanuel Charles & A. Verdade. They generated a vague list of headers—Wind, Reading, Failing; White, black; Working, Out of Mind, Force of Habit, and Spirals—for which writing was developed. Emanuel addresses the subjects in a narrative loop and A. drafts fragments as several other people. The split reads through a 13 year distance, and documents the syntax of qualifying another.

Emanuel Charles has lived in Florida for the past 3½ years, in Vero Beach for the previous, is against all forms of prohibition, and is studying Math. A. Verdade is back in the US after hanging out on the largest continent for a few months. The authors met in 1998 and didn’t speak again until 2011.


4⅛ × 11¾”, 28pp + 2 A4 inserts, mimeographed, stamped, stapled, /50

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The clouds must have brought the wind, grey and pale.



Time V! Open Call selections in this issue.

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Time IV documents my time volunteering as a sorter at a zine library in the early 2000s, the reason (a person) why I wrote a zine in 2001 and haven’t written one until this year, and the personalities and judgments surrounding said reason. Somewhere in the text, the reason drops out as the subject, in favor of another reason who had more to do with the account than I’ve allowed myself to remember. Footnote heavy. A lot of secrets are recovered in this one, hence the short print run.

4 × 11¾, 28 pages, black mimeograph, recycled paper, stamped, stapled, /13

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IV before III, in a shade of green.
III, a split!!!, will follow in late November or December.
Open Call is still open.

Time I
is a continuation of a zine I published in 2001, using journal entries from 2013. The entries within cover everything from having moved here in 2012, the personalities I encounter at my job and in my personal life, the way ideas circulate on the Internet, unsent letters to friends, letters sent by friends, countless postscripts, functioning in the real world at a distant reserve, and more.

4 × 11¾, 48 pages, black mimeograph, recycled paper, stamped, stapled, /30

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For a free copy, ask your local zine library to request one.

Time II
is a composition of various written fragments from 2012 & 2013 on a range of subjects: saving face, clues for those written about in Time I, salutations and goodbyes, reading lists, love, and hesitation. II is included with every copy of I.

4 × 11¾, 3 pages, black mimeograph, orange paper, folded